Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stitched up

Knowing that if I don't start a new project soon after collecting supplies that it'll probably sit around untouched for some time (last winter's quilting book and fabrics are now gathering dust), I pulled out the iron-on transfers, tea-towel and embroidery threads I bought at Calico and Ivy in Balmain last week.

These Aunt Martha's transfers, $3.50 a set, are the cutest things, with a kitchen-tea type design for every day of the week. As I've never done any embroidery before, I limited myself to five different thread colours to test one out.

Love it. Who knew something called a lazy daisy stitch could be so easy or fun to do? (Rhetorical question, as I know there'd be lots of you!)

Love the vintage-style sewing/knitting sack, $9.90, I bought at the same time to keep my embroidery bits together almost as much.

The plan is to get around to making all seven, with different five-thread colourways.

I can't claim this embroidered teatowel idea as my own, I must admit. Calico and Ivy's cleverer-than-me Sarah had stitched up one and put it in the shop as an example. I even bought the threads and tea-towel there.

That's my style of one-stop shopping.


  1. beautiful. vera, is that a hemp tea towel?
    that looks just like the ones ive been drooling over....

  2. That's what I need. Iron on transfers. I bought stencils last summer that are actually dotted lines which have to be put on with some sort of fabric pen or a pencil and I'm not keen on all that dotting. I've wanted to do embroidery for years but not so sure about all the stitches. I just want it to be quick and easy. Looks like you are off to a great start. Have fun. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. That looks very sweet. I treasure the hand embroideries I inherited from my grandmothers. Perhaps these teatowels of yours should be more for show than use so that someone can feel the same about them in the future?

  4. Oh how I wish there was a Calico and Ivy in Melbourne! Worth a trip to Sydney I think...xx