Friday, August 12, 2011

The Cat

The Cat is not pampered.

I do not carry her around on a cushion, moving her to various windows as the sun moves around the house so she can sleep bathed in the warm rays.

I do not have small bowls of water in every room of the house so she doesn't have to walk too far if she gets thirsty.

She likes to go into our shower after it's used to lap up the drips, but I don't pour a cup of warm water onto the tiles if she finds herself in there and the shower is dry.

I do not pull out a fourth seat at the dining table each night because she likes to sit with us at dinner.

She does not have a special sound she makes every night at the same time that means come to bed, and I wouldn't understand it if she did.

I do not slip into bed for five minutes at any time of the day when she runs into the bedroom and meows, meaning she wants a cuddle.

I do not refer to her as The Child's sister. Nor did I ponder out loud if she should be included in this week's Census. Who would do that?

Pic via the UK's Daily Mail. This is not me. Really and absolutely truly!

And I definitely would not carry her around in one of these even if they were available in Australia. Not even if they were made so The Cat could be carried facing me because she likes to touch my face with her paw.

I don't and wouldn't do any of these things.

Have a lovely weekend. x

If you're reading this...
Trace, until I can figure out a way of modelling the Magic Dress without performing Beyonce booty style poses to adequately show off the fishtail, the construction may have to remain a mystery.


  1. Who would do that?

    Not me. Not for my Cairn terrier, Mabel. I wouldn't give her a cuddle every morning, requiring a middle-aged woman to squeeze half her body into a doggie bed, just because she "makes a sad noise".

    I wouldn't cut wee pieces of mandarin and green apple and arrange them tenderly on a saucer (along with her favourite frozen peas) because "she needs her colourful foods".

    I wouldn't occasionally (well, more than that, really) call My Child by the Cairn terrier's name.

    No way.

  2. What the? Are people serious?! That just looks so wrong. I am probably sounding a bit narky now but last time I checked, dogs and cats were quite capable of walking all by themselves.

    Love all your tin bits and pieces - what a great collection - and I love the vintage dress as well. I will be sure to keep an eye out for the "sack" this spring too!

    Happy weekend, Stephie x

  3. Oh my goodness...our kitties are twins!!! I have a grey kitty too and I wouldn't carry in one of those either:):)