Thursday, August 18, 2011

Size does matter

Today, I was intending to show you my Japanese dress in all its glory. However, turns out there is a bit too much glory. So much so, that if I wore it to the farmers' market on Saturday I could easily slip a couple of sacks of potatoes up my dress and the Southern Highlands potato growers would be none the wiser. Nor would I risk walking past a circus in it as an elephant may mistake it for the big-top tent and try and take shelter. It's that big.

All is not lost, though. I'll make some adjustments and present my progress soon - even if it doesn't fit. I'll take the lessons I've learned from putting together my Japanese sack and put them towards version two in a Liberty floral.

Which leads me to flowers of a different type. I've written about my weakness for ironing with rose water before, and I've now discovered another brand with a beautiful bottle ($11.95 from The Essential Ingredient) that I'll use as a single-stem vase long after the bottle is empty.

Trouble is the squirty thing doesn't fit the new bottle so I'll have to decant new rose water into old rose water bottle.

Who ever said size doesn't matter...

If you're reading this...
Angelina, yesterday's tea towel is cotton not hemp. Haven't come across any hemp tea towels but I dabbled in some pillowcases once and tried to convince myself for a whole year that I liked them before guiltily popping them into the charity bin. Wish I'd thought to turn the backs of them into tea towels. Live and learn.


  1. Ironing with rosewater might be just what I need to actually enjoy ironing. That is one huge, but pretty bottle.
    On the dress subject, I bought that stylish dress book and am looking forward to a spring dress or two (I'd love to make ALL of them, but I'm being realistic!). Do the sizes run quite big then? I'm just wondering which size to try.

  2. hi vera, yes i'm reading! were they too scratchy as cases? hemp does soften beautifully....i'm off to see about this dress of yours. haha! potatoes !!!! :)))

  3. Never thought of using rosewater for ironing. It is used in many desserts here as flavoring. :) Have a fantastic Friday. Tammy