Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Magic dress

While I love vintage homewares and linen, I'm not that into vintage clothing. Having said that, I have the most beautiful linen coat and several silk slips, which are some of the hardest working items in my wardrobe. But, generally, there's way too much man-made fabric going on for my liking in the vintage-clothes world.

Which brings me to this dress. Lazybones in Paddington sells a few genuine vintage bits and pieces among its own vintage-inspired new clothing and bedding ranges. I picked up this dress just to take a closer look at the construction as it has the most wonderful fishtail at the back, which is pictured. I tried it on, just to see what it looked like and found it fitted like a glove. It's such a clever design that I thought surely a seam would blow if I tried to sit down, but, no, not even the slightest groan. It moved with me like a second skin.

Now, normally, I wouldn't be adding volume with sheaths of fabric to my bottom area but this dress seems to defy the rules of physics as the tail adds interest but not bulk. I know not how it works but, for $65, it was coming home with me anyway.

Now all I need to do is wait for someone to invite me to a spring garden party so that I have somewhere to wear it.


  1. You have found yourself a gem of a dress. They must have had some amazing dressmaking skills back then. Beautiful! (as for me I am still regretting the 50's floral tea dress for $5 that I put back on the shelf over 5 years ago..came back for it the next day and it was gone of course).

  2. Its a beautiful find. I love the picture and the way you have hung it in the sun like that.

  3. Oh I hope you do get that invitation to the garden party because your dress really does deserve to be worn. It is gorgeous!

  4. This dress is fascinating. I am peering at the picture trying to understand the cut. You will just have to create the right occasion to wear it.

  5. I love Lazybones clothing, their take on vintage styles and patterns is so lovely. Like Tracy I am also pondering the cut, any chance you are willing to model it for us???